Golnaz Hosseini

Herbarium Life-minus
Arman Salahvarzi 
June 2023

+all things inverted: a thing starts where it would have ended were it to be before me, as in a petal individuated by contrast between two regions of color, glowing in shadows of a "still life", that here will reveal only a shimmering curve, a disturbance in the otherwise absolute darkness of <nothing=everything>, opposing a crude shape to the elaborated, almost-dead flower of the imagination, opposing mastery in representing to manipulation of remembrance, seeing to synthesizing, the depiction is not of a flower (the ephemeral) at all, but of the insistent diagrams of memory for recalling, as if hoping for a flower to be there. they say all shining matter is just 4% of the universe, a gleaming crude shape that in our perverted living-world appears as the creation.