Recent Painting” with Manuel Schneider, Anastasia Pavlou, Diogo Pinto and Micheal Reyvon
curated by Micheal Rayvon 
September 2024 Basel 


  “In the name of the cathode the anode and the holey grid” 2024 
       oil on canvas, 150 x 240 cm 
       Swiss Art Awards 2024, Basel Art Fair
       Photo credit: Gina Folly and Golnaz Hosseini
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Dead ends. Some do go both ways.  PU varnish on paper.
     Poster made for the 50 years anniversary of Asstellungsraum-Klingental, Basel 2024 
     Location: Gütersstr. 23, 4053 Basel 
     Photo credit: first image: Simon Krebs _ Ausstelungsraum Klingental. Second image: Kenneth Nars_ Basel Zeitung
     More information about this event can be found on the following link: www.bzbasel.ch

Sci-ssors 2024, oil on canvas, 130x190cm
     Part of the group “Recent Painting” with Manuel Schneider, Anastasia Pavlou, Diogo Pinto and Micheal Reyvon
     curated by Micheal Rayvon at Amerbachstr. 87, 4057 Basel 
     12. April _ 16.June 
     Photo credit: Micheal Reyvon 


Gaudenzia, part of the group show with Oxana Tregubova and Olivio Baumgartner
      followed by a short story by Gulia Crispiani at ,
Sonnenstube . February 2024 Lugano, Switzerland.
      Curated by Giada Olivotto and Giacomo Gallette   
      Photo credit: Mattia Angelini

 Herbarium Life-minus, at Mario Kreuzberg hosted by SALTS
      curated by Manuela Morales and Charles Benjamin, June 2023, Birsfelden
      Photo credit: Charles Benjamin 


Project 15, at Space25, duo show with Sibila Caflisch, curated by Peter Steinmann
     September 2023, Basel
     Photo credit: Peter Steinamnn

Scissors and Pliers

Collection series: I Fight You Till I Win  

For Nobody, at Material space, duo show with Manuel Market, July 2023, Zürich 
      Photo credit: Manuel Market

Collection: Birds
Collection: Dead Ends(some do go both ways)
Collection: Dead Ends(some do go both ways)

I fight you till I win, at Ausstellungsraum Klingantal, March 2023, Basel 

The Dust Enforcer, part of a group show at Kunthaus Baselland, curated by Chus Martinez and Fernanda Brenner
      Muttenz, 2022

Pentimento, at Die Treppe, duo show with Kaspar Müller, curated by Jan Kiefer and Othmar Farre, 2021, Birsfelden
      Photo credit: Jan Kiefer 

Dry Mouth, at Responsibility, curated by Manuel Schneider, 2020, Basel